A profesional they say...?

Who am I?

Yaho! I'm Veronica. Your future designer

My name is Veronica, and I am currently finishing up my last year in the Micromedia program at Vanier college. For the past two years, I have been able to learn multiple softwares, and explore graphic and web design, publications, branding, and packaging. I like to create designs with meaning and value than rather just a candy for the eyes.

Who I want to be

"Users don't notice design, unless it's flawed."

I am really looking forward to pinpoint my weaknesses and strengths this semester to hopefully understand myself as a designer. As much as I like graphic design, publication design and branding, I have a soft spot for web design, specifically in UX and UI. In this fast-pace world we live in now, the smallest features we enconter online on a daily basis can make our lives so much easier. For example, there is Netflix's 'Skip Intro' button! In the future, I am targetting to become a UX designer and get to work on improving people's experiences through technology.