Video and Audio editing

Project 1: Little munchkins

For my first exercise video loop, here is a little squirrel I was able to capture a video of. It was running on some wires near the balcony of my aunt's apartment. As a little surprise, a second squirrel appears at the end of the video! (p.s. The squirrel stared at me because I had been trying to record him for 10 min straight)

Exercise 2.1: Friday afternoon

Friday afternoon is a little short montage that I made with 3 subjects and a couple of different techniques.

Check out video on youtube here

Project 2: CHILL WITH ME

Join me throughout my day as I chill around, get some of Montreal's fresh air and grab bites here and there!

Check out video on youtube here

Exercise 4.1: 9 audio recordings

Here is my 2min video of me filming 3 different subjects with voice & ambient audio, using 3 different recording techniques.

Check out video on youtube here

Project 3: Eat with us at Satay Brothers

For my project 3 , I chose to film an event where a couple of friends and I go to a singaporean and malaysian restaurant. If you do not feel hungry after watching this video, I may have failed my goal...

Montage shot list (Google Docs)

Check out video on youtube here

Project 4: Let's talk love | Life's biggest question unscripted

Check out youtube video

Interview plan (Google Docs)