Be on track. Stay organized with ease.

Created for a web3 design class at Vanier college, ease is a simple project management app designed to plan and document your project tasks.

01 Goal

In the digital world, we engage with micro-interactions everyday. They help to make products, services and interfaces more approachable and easier to deal with. Actually, not only do micro-interactions add to the personality of your app, but they are frequently used to provide users with feedback, provide greater comprehension of processes, and allow the outcomes of actions to be visualised.

For this project, the project’s system files and data model were already provided. Our mandate simply consisted of customly designing and implementing a user interface for it. This includes micro-animations, transitions and interactive elements implemented in buttons, fields, labels, checkboxes, and any other app elements in need for it.

02 Process

To achieve the creation of this project management app, a 4 steps plan was created. First, making sure that the app on our server actually works, we needed to create a database for the material that was provided for us on GitHub. Next, we did some research and a mood board in order to fully understand the UI direction that we were going to eventually take on. For instance, colour scheme, form style and type hierarchy were integrated in our moodboard. Aditionnally, since it is rare to see an app or a website that does not have a logo, we also created a logo that fitted our design concept and app. By using one of the techniques used in a previous project, the logo was animated and shown in three different sizes. Lastly, the last step was to design the interface following our previous research.

03 Design and concept

Ease aims to be a simple and flexible project management app. Therefore, I went for a purple dominated color palette along with different shades of grey and a bit of green to entail corectness. Purple is all about power and independance, perfect for what my app is trying to evoke. Just like the name of the app, take control of your projects and tasks, lessen some of that useless stress, and take things one thing at a time with ease.