How to play

You are in control of the plate located at the bottom of the screen and using the right and left arrow keys, you must move the plate in order to catch the ingredients falling from the sky. Use the spcebar to help you stay in place when needed. However, there is a little twist! At each level, there is a recipe presented which you must follow. So this means that you must only collect the ingredients that are needed to complete the recipe. If an unrequired ingredient is collected, you lose a life. When a recipe is completed, you advance to the next level, which increases the rate at which the ingredients fall, increasing the difficulty. If you lose all three lives, the game is over.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing and go build some delicious burgers!


Audio: Swinging Sofas by Lobo Loco

Audio: Male Grunt by GameChestAudio

Audio: Service Bell Help by Daniel Simion