Get Out Of
Your Head

Thoughts are very powerful. While we all tend to overthink once in a while, some people have difficulties ending their train of thoughts. It could feel like a pattern of endless circles which ultimately can be exhausting. So let's take a look at how we can deal with this feeling.

Take a look

Never ending

People who overthink have the habit of worrying over things they have no control over, and are often dwelling on past events or reminding themselves of little mistakes they did. The first way to stop overthinking is to ground yourself in the present moment. Try unplugging yourself away from the screen, eat mindfully, or go outside and take a walk.

The feeling of repetition and being overtaken by thoughts is animated in CSS using a fifteen-frame sprite sheet.


Day and night

Constantly having thoughts running around in your head can lead to sleeping difficulties. It may feel like your brain won't shut off, day and night. So, developing a regular meditation practice can relive some of your stress. It is an evidence-backed way to help clear your mind of nervous chatter by turning your attention inward.

The feeling of not being able to take a break from thinking is animated in Photoshop using the frame by frame technique.

In circles we go

Feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts can easily wear you out. Sometimes you might not even know that you are in that zone. The irresistable urge to analyze almost everything is extremely daunting as you ask yourself repeatedly "what if..." questions. It could feel like you are stuck in a hole with just you and your thoughts running in circles. In those times, don’t let minor issues turn into significant hurdles. Try thinking of the bigger picture.

The feeling of being stuck in your own thoughts is animated using a JS library.

At different speeds

Through greater self-awareness and the practice of mental disengagement, we can learn to curb this unhelpful way of thinking. Not everyone is the same. Some people take longer roads while others need to take their time to figure stuff out because of life's ups and downs. Some things will always be out of our control. Learning how to accept this can go a long way towards curbing overthinking.

The feeling of being in a different level and speed from others is animated in Photoshop using the frame by frame technique.